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The Bad Signs

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“…Turn around baby, my love’s a dead end street … “ 

          The Bad Signs (Blue Love) 

I remember the experience vividly, the day or year …not so much. I was taking a tour down the rabbit hole. A deep, unforgiving decent into what must have been a wave of Mazzy Star, Raveonettes and Misfits videos on you tube while chain smoking .  Then I had what I’ll call a “WTF “moment which lead me to some serious “Black Magic Moments.” 

Off to the right of my screen was a unique looking girl who seemed to be inspired by a country version of Ronnie Spector, the King Diamondesque eye makeup presented her face as a work of art. That single frame, frozen and haunting left me no choice, I pressed play. 

After an extremely courteous warning regarding hypnotic frequencies I heard the first guitar notes and immediately knew I was digging this band! It was strong in its subtle dark beauty and then that single frozen frame came to life and began to sing. The tables had turned and it was now me who was frozen absorbing every aspect of this song … Blue Love by the Bad Signs.  

In my mind it was as if J Spaceman and Patsy Cline finally collaborated on that science fiction Country gothic Surf Rock album they promised me 83 dreams ago. 

The band effortlessly works as a team through steady rhythm and beat and perfectly placed guitar drones to create soundscapes that I can only describe as their Black magic moments…

The Band has graciously agreed to answer a few question for  dizzyedgerecords.com 

1)       The state that brought you both The Misfits and Springsteen would love  to know when we can expect to go bad with you live ?

Hoping  to be there by the end of the year!  Actually heading to see The  Misfits reunion in Chicago this weekend, The Misfits are the reason The  Bad Signs are so BAD, we learned it all from them.

2)       Let’s talk about the Rolling Stone Article for a second. Being a  musician myself and playing in bands in my 20’s I can only imagine what  it was like to be recognized by Rolling Stone for your talents. Please  tell Dizzy Edge how you all reacted to that?

It  was wild to be in Rolling Stone, always dug that Dr. Hook song “Cover  Of A Rolling Stone” so it was kind of like that, but instead of buying 5  copies for my Mother I just sent her the link 5 times.

3)       In your bio it states that Nat wanted the sound of the band to mirror  the way a certain wonderful photograph looked. Curious, is there a  non-spoken bar set for new material that must meet that criteria? Have  you scattered some new photographs out? Or at this point do you all just  “know “?

We just know, the expression “But it doesn’t sound BAD!” gets thrown around quite a lot when we’re writing.

4)       If I’m not mistaken you recently played dates with Ringo Deathstarr . I  would have loved to have seen that double bill. How have audiences  outside of Bad Signs HQ responded to you?

The crowds have been great!  Psych-rock crowds are pretty open minded thanks to all the psychedelics.

5)       Tell me a little about the first time the three of you played together.  Was the black magic there from day one? Or did it take a little  conjuring?  Nat and Rob had you heard Samantha sing previous to her  teaming up with you?

We  met Samantha at a show and had talked about starting a band together, Blue  Love was the first song we wrote and it ended up being our first single,  so I guess it was Black Magic from day one.

6)      Let’s talk about that guitar sound. Who influenced your playing?

Link Wray, and the fact that I don’t know any scales, it’s literally BAD guitar playing.

7)      I understand Rob is also an author … feel free to tell readers about the book.

Rob’s  memoir “Die Young With Me” is about his battle with Stage 4 cancer as a  teenage punk rocker in West Virginia, and I highly encourage your  readers to pick up a copy at their favorite local bookstore!

8)      Obviously Samantha’s vocals are phenomenal. A natural gift? Influences?

She made a deal with The Devil.

9)      I have twins, I understand Nat and Rob you are twins as well. Do you have the twin connection?

Yes! Rob actually answered that telepathically.

10)   When can we expect the next steps in The Bad Signs world domination plan? I want a planet gone bad gang! 

We’re gearing up to record our full-length and plan to sell-out sometime this year! interviews


The Bad Signs - Blue love

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